10 Fruits & Vegetables That Could Kill Your Dog

10 Fruits & Vegetables That Could Kill Your Dog

We love sharing our food with our dogs and suppose they are healthy for our pets, as fruits and vegetables are healthy for us.

This is usually the case, but this does not necessarily mean that it always is. In fact, there are some fruits and vegetables that are toxic to our dogs.

There is nothing worse than your dog suffering from a simple dietary mistake. Even though they are still his best friends, they probably shouldn’t always eat like your best friends.

So, if you plan to share some snacks with your cat, make sure you don’t feed what you find on this list!

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#1 – Grapes & Raisins


The fact that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs is becoming common knowledge among pet owners, and for good reason! They are toxic

#2 – Onions & Garlic

While some argue there are benefits to feeding our dogs garlic, the Pet Poison Helpline warns that garlic is actually considered to be even more toxic than onions. Either way, both vegetables can cause serious problems in our dogs. Symptoms of onion or garlic toxicity include lethargy, elevated heart and respiratory rates, pale gums, and even collapse.

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