10 Liars Who Are About to Be Seriously Exposed on Social Media

Of course, we all say white lies from time to time. Sometimes we tell people that the traffic is terrible, the food is delicious and we loved their gifts, in fact, they are not real. Although it is not necessarily the right thing to say these little truths, it is understandable that we do it.

But there is one thing between us. On the contrary, they are completely confused. From the invention of detailed stories, people and events, the content is quite variable, but liars often share a common forum for their lies: good old social media. Perhaps they believe that blatant Internet lies cannot be questioned or proven false, but reality cannot be more than truth.

The note of these 15 pathological liars shows that some people cannot be true on social media. Fortunately, the comments show that there are others who cannot help us, but they cannot be real, they will call them and then turn them off. The messages of these liars are burning and are consequently seriously burned.

1) This guy is selling some major BS on Facebook, but nobody’s buying it.


Okay, let’s take a moment to really break this down. So, he “just checked Facebook for the first time in almost a week,” yet once called out, he admits to posting over a dozen times in the past week.

Permission to engage in major eye-roll granted.


Apparently, we never received the Facebook manual of B.S. rules, loopholes, and excuses to be condescending to one’s “friends” while simultaneously mastering the fine art of hypocrisy.

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