12-Year-Old Doesn’t Back down After Simon Cowell Asks Her to Perform Without Music

The confrontation with a large crowd and panel of judges, including the world’s most famous reality show judge, Simon Cowell, is already quite scary. But what happens when half the audition stops you and asks you to sing again without a trace of support? For most singers the support track is very important because it acts as a safety net for their voice.

If things don’t go well, blame the hotline, right?

But this twelve-year-old singer had no trouble continuing her audition without her and wouldn’t believe the result.

Video at the end of article don’t miss it.

This is twelve-year-old Ansley Burns from South Carolina.


She appeared on America’s Got Talent, a show for the weird, the wacky, and, sometimes, the talented.

Right from the start, we couldn’t help but fall in love with her.


From her cute, Southern accent, to her bubbly little personality, we were all completely sold on Ansley, even before she started singing.

Simon commented on how “great” her accent was, too, occasionally trying to mimic her.


His wasn’t as cute as hers was, but we’ll let it slide. He tried.

She seemed pretty confident, too, introducing herself and telling the judges what she was there to do. She told everyone that she would pretend she was on America’s Got Talent while practicing singing and that being on stage felt like she’d “stepped into the TV.”

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