7 Pics Of Cinderella-Like Transformation Of A Now Saved Dog Who Lived For 2 Years Under A Bed

This is one of the stories we love to tell. The species that excite us and touch our hearts make us believe that there is still a lot of courtesy in the world. This is the story of a dog that finally finds hope after two years of abandonment. Unfortunately, there are still many abandoned animals in the world, but we are happy to see how people are willing to cooperate with this struggle.

Image credits: Richmond SPCA

A seven-year-old pooch named Lionheart was surrendered to the Richmond SPCA back in April by his owner. The small dog had been living under a bed for two years completely abandoned and neglected. His body was covered in thick mats, feces, his own urine making him not able to eat, drink or walk properly. You could see the sadness and great pain that he was dealing with for a long time. According to the staff, the rescue was “one of the most shocking cases of neglect” they had ever encountered and Lionheart was hardly recognizable as a dog.

Image credits: Richmond SPCA

The SPCA immediately reacted and took the little dog into their care. Without knowing much about his overall health and body condition, the dedicated team started shaving his matted fur and clipping his nails, to begin with. “In order to uncover the dog hidden beneath all this fur, he had to be sedated to be shaved” – tells the Richmond SPCA on their video about the first hours of his transformation. It took a few hours until the staff could see the little dog hiding under the matted fur.

Image credits: Richmond SPCA

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