Animals Hugging People Animals Hugging Humans Compilation

They understand everything you say because they are all telepathic.

Remember … what an animal does, even something that may seem annoying, is one or more gifts that we can appreciate.


  • I’m so grateful that you’re here in my life
  • I love watching you and watching your acting.
  • I love your eyes and the way you look at me.
  • When I look into your eyes, my heart opens.
  • I think you’re beautiful.
  • Your body is perfect for you; It is the divine expression of your soul.
  • You are so special to me.
  • You taught me great things.
  • Thank you for your wisdom, kindness, energy and presence.
  • I appreciate the honesty of how you convey it to me when you don’t feel well or you’re not irritable.
  • Thank you for helping me learn to communicate telepathically with you.
  • Even if I don’t understand or understand your message perfectly, you will continue to generously try to teach me.
  • You have such a generous and noble heart that I learn to be more open only to you.
  • You make me laugh, it’s wonderful and healthy.
  • I love you, whether you’re happy, sad, angry or scared, and I’ll do my best to protect you, value you, and keep you safe.

You are precious to me and I am grateful that you are here with me. Thank you


  • I love your beautiful toes, strong claws, soft fur, elegant tail.
  • It makes me smile and I feel good. I’il play you while I watch.
  • I love it when you give me kiss mustaches, when you mix the claws and healing murmurs in your body.
  • Thank you for using the trash regularly and letting me know if there is a problem.
  • Thank you for catching the rats and letting them know they have to leave the house.
  • I’m grateful to you for showing me your excellent hunting skills and keeping the mouse out of my bed while you play.
  • Thank you for jumping into cupboards and drawers to show me things that need to be sorted and rearranged.
  • Thank you for your independent nature, which blends beautifully with the expressions of love.
    I’m so glad you’re here with me. we thank you.


  • I love your beautiful body, your soft fur and the way you look at me with admiration.
  • I’m so happy when you jump on my lap or you pamper yourself in bed or on the floor.
  • I’m really grateful when he comes when I call you.
  • Thank you for letting us know when you need to go out to relax yourself.
  • Thank you for barking for letting me know that someone is coming or that you need me to take care of something.
  • The sound of the shell is the music in my ears.
  • You have become the perfect partner for shows and other competitions. Even if we don’t win
  • first, thank you for your effort to please me.
  • I’m so glad you’re here with me. we thank you.


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