Baby Cats – Funny and Cute Baby Cat Videos Compilation

The first step in having a good domestic cat is to choose a healthy kitten. Visit the kittens two weeks before they are ready to leave their mother. They’il have six weeks. Ask for permission to take the pups and be very gentle in doing so. Make sure a kitten has bright, clear eyes and a bright, full coat. Check the skin under the fur for problems such as wounds, rash or bald spots. You want to choose a kitten with healthy skin.

Then, make sure that the kitten is neither thin nor too fat. A kitten with a full skin and bone or a swollen belly may be infected. Do not choose a similar kitten. Also, check the kitten’s nose and ears for any signs of secretion or infection. Pay attention to kitten’s temperament when checking for signs of physical health. Take the kitten to another room and see how he behaves. Is he nervous or scared? Does it react calmly to sensitive caresses? You want a kitten that quickly adapts to you. This is a sign managed by litter owners, which is important to ensure that kittens live with people.

It is very important to start with a friendly cat. A scratching, hissing or terribly scared kitten will be the most difficult cat. In the worst case, the kitten will never be a friendly and loving pet. After choosing a kitten you like, make arrangements to pick it up when it’s ready to leave its mother (about eight weeks old). Take your new kitten to the vet one or two days after receiving it. The veterinarian will give her the first in a series of shots to protect her from common cat diseases. Tell your vet if you plan to leave your cat out. If you’re going to let him out, you might need a shot to protect the kitten from anger.

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