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The name Shark is derived from the Maya word “Xook”. Count Shark seekers in Papua New Guinea are the ones who keep people informed of the relationship between humans and sharks. At that time, it was not really wild like sea dogs called sharks.

The shark has trunks in the stream. There are completely cartilaginous skeletons on these stream trunks. Sharks have five to seven breaths to breathe. Their skin has an external protection called dermal denticles. This improves the fluid dynamics of the shark.

Sharks are available in different shapes and sizes. They start from dwarf lantern sharks to large and large white sharks.

Sharks feed on squid, plankton and other fish. They are found in salt and fresh water. No swimming bladders. Instead, they rely on large livers of floating fat. They sink when they stop swimming.

Sharks must swim constantly to breathe. They don’t sleep often. There are pointed types of stationery on the ocean floor giving you more chance to rest.

Life time varies by species. Most live for 20-30 years. Only fish in the spinal cord have more than a hundred years of history. Sharks are considered nature’s resistant predators. Videos that capture the evil of sharks have already been recorded.

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