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Before buying a new kitten or cat, one thing to ask is: Can I care for a cat and provide a safe and secure home for her life, usually around 15-20 years old? Many statistics show that at least 50 percent of all cats have changed ownership at least once in their lives. This is a frightening and alarming statistic.

Can I have a cat?

The initial purchase price (or adoption fee) of a cat is not the most expensive, since there will be many other costs throughout the cat’s life. These costs include food, garbage trays, garbage, toys, scratching post and / or cat trees and veterinary care. Veterinary assistance will be around $ 100 – $ 300 a year (without considering any health-related disasters). Preventive and consistent care is vital to the overall health of any cat. If an owner cannot afford veterinary care, it is probably a good idea not to take a cat. There will also be a one-time commission of $ 70 to $ 500 for the cost of sterilizing or sterilizing the cat, depending on where an owner lives. Although the cat is only a closed cat, rabies vaccination is mandatory, including rabies (in all cities and / or states it is legally mandatory for dogs and cats) and depending on where you live, all vaccines including rabies are recommended. There may be other medications that the veterinarian strongly recommends on a yearly basis (as a protective medication for the heartworm). Many people believe that their cat does not require a rabies vaccine because it is a closed cat. But imagine what will happen to you and / or your cat if he bites someone while you are at home? First of all, the authorities will likely remove the cat from your home and quarantine it for a while (boarding and in exchange for assistance); Luckily, if your cat shows signs of anger, it will be destroyed. It is highly recommended that a potential owner consult your veterinarian to find out which vaccinations are required by law.

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