Disabled Duck Born With A Lame Leg Gets A Customized Mini Wheelchair

Merlin, the duck may have been born with a wounded leg, but that doesn’t make it any less special. In fact, it could be the first duck you’ve ever seen on a wheelchair.

Last November, Merlin, a native duck immobilized due to birth defects in the left leg, was accepted by the Anarchy Shelter Goats in Annandale, New Jersey.

After contacting his Walkin olan Pets ┼čirket, a company in Amherst, New Hampshire, which designs elegant wheelchairs for disabled pets, the Merlin duck can walk in the animal shelter where he lives in his specially designed wheelchair . There is nothing that holds him back now.

Although the mini-wheelchair model is often used for dogs and cats, “Walkin” Pets engineers have modified the duck’s physique to fit it.

Mark Robinson, company founder, said:

My company was able to help a disabled duck, the winner.

Merlin bought his mini wheelchair earlier this month and Mik Walkin “Social media coordinator for pets Mikayla Feehan seized the moment:

Earlier this month, we went on a trip to New Jersey to visit the Anarchy goats to rescue disabled animals.

disabled duck gets a wheelchair

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