Funniest Animals Scaring People Reactions

During my advertising activity, I organized a team of six ponies pulling Santa’s sleigh and promotional activities such as Christmas parades, lions, tigers, bears, monkeys and elephants, including exotic animals, birds and circuses.

One day, I talked on the phone with a client discussing a topic for an upcoming sales event, when suddenly the receptionist heard my cry, the door to my office opened and she gave birth to a lion. Behind him was one of the managers trying to corner the monsters, and the other manager tried to convince the receptionist that he wasn’t in danger.

The handler / owners were partners who I often rented to provide pets for my most bizarre promotions.

The lion was only a child, but a five-month-old lion cub did not play a small kitten, but jumped on everything that moved, even though it sounded like a kitten. The size of a very overweight Retriever. When he threw himself under a set after a ball and started coming back with the prize, he dragged the sofa.

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