Take a cute cat leash that can be used around your neck or glue one with ribbon and stick it with some diamond-style jewelry … very sweet!

Start curling and selling your hair an inch of his life! Create two very large piggy tails for the ears and rewind from the ends to the bands on both sides above the head, then use a large amount of lacquer to hold them in place. Try a white lacquer on all the hair to get different colored lines. Then put some gray and pink lines on the hair to match the colors on the fake fur. For the strips, you can use a pink blush and a dark gray eyeshadow applied intensively with an eye makeup brush. Also, add some pink blush in the ears you previously made with your hair and then apply MORE hair spray to your hair. The blush and eyeshadow pass over the white lacquer and go slowly. You can use other products for colored hair, but this way it is much cheaper to do.

For basic makeup, you can use a white zinc-based base, mix the cold cream with the cornstarch to form a white base. Water may need to be added for excellent consistency. Close your eyebrows. You can also use white face paint, available at many clothing stores. Apply flour or talcum powder on the face. Shade along the hairline to blend the color of the face with the hair.

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