Funniest Daddy Takes Care of Baby – Cute Baby Video

The act of caring for children should not be seen exclusively for mummies; There should be joint or complementary efforts on the part of mummies and fathers. When both sides are cared for, the child gets more attention, care, love and joy.

Why do children need the attention of fathers?
Fathers’ attention may be needed by children for the following reasons:
1. Irritation: the baby’s continuous crying can be a sign of irritation caused by wet napkins caused by urine or feces, which should be treated for maximum comfort. The father should help remove the dirty napkin whenever possible and keep the baby dry.

2. Open: a baby’s crying is a way of telling my father that he is hungry and needs to be fed. The mummy can be busy doing other things right now; the father has to take the responsibility of helping the child to eat and feed without waiting for the mother to finish her work before doing so.

3. Mummy fatigue: sometimes the child is vulnerable and understands that the mother should not be exposed to further stress when under stress. In that case, he could start crying to get your father’s attention. When this happens, man must be sensitive to know and provide the need for his attention. When the mother is tired, she is easily irritated and may not give the child the attention she deserves. So the father must quickly fill the void and take proper care.

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