Funny Cats and Cute Kittens Playing Compilation for laugh

For thousands of years, cats were revered as gods and persecuted as demons. With all the mystery and charm, cats have captivated humanity for thousands of years.

The origins of Persian cats vary – from manuscripts and drawings to BC. The first documented findings of long-haired cats as early as 1684. It was 1620 in Iran – today Iran, an Italian traveler and writer, Pietro della Valle was surprised by his discovery of remarkable gray hair in his diary. Here is the first written record of the Persian cat! This statement initiated the rule of furry comrades in cat fantasy showrooms.

White Persian kittens are among the softest purebred cats that make up the solid variety and are the essence of luxury among the royal. In the late 1800s, the Persians were brought to North America and soon became the most popular race in the country that had never fallen.

In cat shows, you can see the various colors of Persian cats: more than 50 colors. Many are the results of planned breeding. According to CFA standards, the Persian coat is divided into 7 parts: distribution of solid colors, silver and gold, shaded and smoke, tabby section, division of colored pieces, calico and bicolor and Himalayan category.

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