Funny Cats and Dogs Compilation

What are the cute animals that are so attractive to so many people? It is undeniable that most people cannot resist the attraction of cute or funny animals in images, video clips or in reality. In reality, there is nothing new about it. Cute animals are always found on greeting cards, gift wrap, inspirational posters and chocolate boxes.

The advent of the Internet and YouTube in particular has caused an explosion in the popularity of cute animals. There is something very attractive about shooting a video of a cute animal, preferably doing something fun, letting it sleep and then doing whatever it takes to fall on any piece of furniture they are lying on!

If you see which funny videos get the most hits on YouTube, you’ll find a common theme through them. What makes them funny is that we can recognize something of our own humanity in our behavior. This may be due to the fact that they have human characteristics such as stupidity, intelligence, joke, cunning, compassion and even shame. There is no proven evidence that animals have the same motivations and emotions as us, but it is certainly tempting and warm for the heart.

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