HBO Responds To The Coffee Cup Blunder Spotted In Season 4

Wherever the work is done, there are mistakes they say!

We’re talking about season 4 episode 4, where fans see a modern cup of coffee in front of Daenerys Targaryen. If you have already seen the new episode of Game Of Thrones published on Sunday, you may have noticed the famous misfortune.

However, it is surprising that a group of professionals working in the division agreement do not notice a trophy. And fans can’t stop talking about it. They also forced HBO to respond.

The cup was a simple mistake, as Bernie Caulifield, a producer of the show, told WNYC radio. “Westeros was actually the first place to have Starbucks. Dedi

The Game Of Thrones Twitter profile apologized to the fans for this mistake and told fans that Daenerys ordered an herbal tea. ”

On the scene Daenerys Targaryen sits at a table, Jon Snow and Tormund celebrate their victory. This is because during the battle of Winterfell, he defeated the King of the Night and the dead army of the northerners. The unlikely object is placed on the table in front of Daenerys.

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