kindest video ever on Earth

What’s so cute about animals and what’s so appealing to so many people? Most people cannot resist the attractiveness of cute and funny animals, be it pictures, video clips or real things. Actually, there’s nothing new in it. Cute animals on greeting cards, gift packages, inspirational posters and chocolate boxes have always been present.

It is the advent of the Internet, and especially YouTube, which has caused an explosion in the popularity of cute animals. There is a very attractive aspect of being able to capture the video of a cute animal while sleeping; it’s like falling asleep and then falling down on the furniture they lie down on!

If you watch which funny videos get the most hits on YouTube, you’ll find a common theme that goes through it. What makes them funny is that we can recognize something of our own humanity in our behavior. This may perhaps show human characteristics such as madness, intelligence, acting, cunning, compassion, and even shame. There is no proven evidence that animals have the same motivation and emotions as us, but it is certainly tempting to think so.

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