Little kittens meowing and talking

Cats are excellent communicators. But the problem with people is that they get used to trusting words. That’s why we often become human, completely ignoring our cats trying to talk to us, using their language and behavior. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to talk to you about your cat every second and say he’s trying to get close to you. You just have to make a small observation. Pay more attention to your cat, you’ll soon learn how to communicate.

Your cat communicates with you differently than other animals. Use a large number of voices, sounds and body languages ​​to communicate. Now we get the most common “miao” voice for a cat and instantly. Have you ever noticed how the miy meow değ tone changes when you express different situations like hunger, anger, curiosity and happiness? Do you remember how they brought you home? They will use long lasting “meow” to express anger and “miao” meow to express happiness. If one of my puppies wants food that says “meow” and drags me on me, and my other daughter cat is far enough away to hear it, she will come running to me because she knows that other kittens want and need food. the same thing.

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