Lottery Winner Forced to Split $30 Million Winnings With Ex-Wife

There is nothing like the excitement of using the edge of your neighborhood to scratch off your scratch card to reveal your chances of winning.

Okay, this “fortune” earned usually doesn’t exceed $ 10. However, nothing can beat the sense of winning something, even if it’s the smallest amount …

Imagine winning the final jackpot. I’m not talking about a few hundred dollars here. I’m talking about a few million. A Michigan man had this extraordinary opportunity when he stumbled under lottery gold, surprisingly winning $ 30 million. But what was the trick?

Winning the MegaMillions is usually only a dream for many…

Let’s be real honest with ourselves, the chances of winning the MegaMillions are probably a million to one.

But, for those lucky few, that dream becomes a reality.

There has been a recorded total of around sixty winners in the history of the MegaMillions, which, in essence, seems like quite a lot of lucky people, with the highest win being a staggering $105 million.

Just imagine what could be done with that much money…

The list of things that could be done if you won that sum of money is endless.

Would you buy a few houses? A Lamborghini? A private jet? An island?

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