Man Kept His Christmas Gift Unopened for 50 Years, Until One Day…

Some stories of high school friends have a “happy forever” ending, right after the dance. But even if this story had a happy ending forever, “it will take about 50 years for its heroes to reach it, not with one another.

Adrian Pearce and Vicki Allen have been young for a while and haven’t seen each other since – but Adrian’s decision to keep a Christmas present was made just before Vicki left, and over the years, under the tree Christmas He had created a bond that would emerge.

So what was Vicki’s wrapped gift, and why did Adrian not stay that long?

Read on to find out!

High School Dating

Adrian Pearce and Vicki Allen met when they were both students at George S. Henry Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario, back in the ’70s – and they started dating soon thereafter.

Neither one of them knew what to expect, since it was the first time either one of them had been in a serious relationship.

Adrian was 17 years old – two years older than Vicki – but it seemed like he was the one doing the chasing. Still, he felt like their relationship was a sure thing, and was really looking forward to spending time with her over the winter holidays.

Vicki, though, had other plans.

High School Dating

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