Man Who Is Scared to Death Of Cats Is Tied Down And Covered In Kitties

You are probably one of the millions of “Impractical Jokers” fans who make us laugh with their comic series. Before shooting the secret cameras with America, they worked as sketch comedians, and although the world knew them: “The Practical Jokers while the real name of the male comedian group is The Tenderloins.

The comic quartet, Joe, Murr, Q and Sal, is no doubt known for joking, but this time they decided to do something different. Sal seemed to be afraid of cats, so her friends decided to tie her up and cover her with kittens.

They recorded the whole process and it was very funny. The joke consisted of three phases.

In the first phase, three kittens were placed on Sal’s chest. His friends laughed in the background while Sal was annoyed and terrified. So in the second phase they added more cats to Sal’s body. You can imagine their reactions. To see the third stage of the “practical gibi joke as the name implies, see the funny clip above:

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