Meet Salvador Dolly, The Cutest Puppy With A Handlebar Mustache

We all agree on something, all the puppies are cute and special in their own way. Some have the greatest beautiful eyes, others have a charming plump, fluidity, and then simply winners of our hearts as awkward little awkward selves. But there is an unusual color in the crowd. There are puppies that look like pandas, and then puppies that make impressive hair spores on the face.

Salvador Dolly is an adorable puppy from Dallas that has one very distinct feature

Meet Salvador Dolly, a shelter puppy from Dallas that rocks a dramatic mustache stretching from one side of her lip to another. She is part of a litter of 11 and currently lives in foster care in New York. Bored Panda reached out to Hearts & Bones Rescue to find out more about her and her big family.

“It’s puppy season in Dallas right now and there are always multiple moms with litters at the shelter,” Allison Seelig from Hearts & Bones Rescue explained. “Dallas Animal Services, a shelter with the 3rd highest number of animal intakes in the entire country, […] took in mama and her 11 babies as strays and cared for them for 2 weeks, but puppies are at a very high risk of getting sick in the shelter environment, so we knew we had to get them out,” she continued. Within a week, the entire family of 12 were moved out of the shelter straight into foster care, all thanks to the cooperation between Dallas Animal Services and Hearts & Bones Rescue.

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