Meet Zuu – The Cat Who Embodies The Feeling When You Hear Your Alarm Clock Start Ringing

All cats are worth loving, but only the best and brightest memes will be. And above all a cat named Zuu is full of potential nipples. It’s so round, it looks like a soft ball. She is grumpy in a nice way. There are signs that his fur will always seem to be open and will surprise him forever. What is not love?

If you think a fantastic cat is enough to motivate you, keep your spirits up and keep working hard until the weekend, we have a surprise for you. It turns out that the cute Zuu lives with another cat – Bocco. Two cats will make you smile and make sure you don’t want to hug you. They both look so big and disappointed that it’s almost impossible not to smile.

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Image credits: pechanko_bocco

Image credits: pechanko_bocco

Bocco and Zuu’s owner Chika, who goes by the handle pechanko_bocco, regularly uploads their photos on Instagram, with a huge archive of 1,720 posts and counting. Over 33,400 people follow the two cats’ antics. Bocco is an Exotic Shorthair cat born on June 26, 2016. While Zuu is an Exotic Longhair who’s a bit younger — he was born on August 21, 2017. Both cats are male.

Zuu and Bocco’s owner Chika told Bored Panda in an exclusive interview that the two cats “sleep all day long while I’m at work — I assume that they sleep around 20 hours a day.”

“Bocco is a shy boy and not used to strangers, but he loves getting a massage from me and stalks me around everywhere in the house. He also used to be good friends with the hedgehogs that I used to have. Zuu is more open to others and not afraid of dogs that he meets in the park.”

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