Mom Left Embarrassed After Finding out What Huge Black Mark in Baby’s Mouth Is

And one mom-of-two has a story that’s the most embarrassing of them all.

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I’m sure that everyone is convinced that they have the most humiliating story.

But, I’m sure that you’ll reevaluate after reading this unfortunate mom’s story of her trip to the emergency room.

This story involves one mom and her trip to the doctor’s.

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Darian Depreta, aged twenty-three, shared her fateful trip to the doctor’s on Facebook. And, with the internet being the internet, the post instantly went viral, reaching thousands of people across the world.

She had spotted an unusual mark on the roof of her baby daughter’s mouth.

via: Facebook

While playing with her daughter, Bella, Darian spotted a strange, circular mark in her mouth. She tried and failed to remove the mark, so she decided to consult a doctor. A seemingly natural response, we think.

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