Monkeys react to magic WoW Reactions

Monkeys were always considered funny, cute and funny creatures. Films generally show that they have close interaction with humans and have the ability to be at the same interactive level that is not found in other animals in the mammalian realm. Some real, some novels. So I’m here to introduce you to the 13 facts that divide the two and even shine with light.

Number one: monkeys usually go in groups.
This is attributed to the fact that monkeys are rather social creatures. This interaction has proved useful in various ways, although the interactions are particularly with their species, especially in nature. First, it only helps to prevent hunters from scoring because of simple fright. Two, a “unit” owner separates them from other groups of monkeys and helps create a sense of territory and boundary. And finally, they don’t have to compete, especially for the abundant supply of food in the forests.

Second: the monkeys are divided into two groups: New World Monkeys and Old World Monkeys (two of the three groups of simian monkeys).
The monkeys in Africa, Central Asia and South Asia, Japan and India are classified as Old World monkeys and Mexico and Central and South America are classified as New World monkeys. The differences between these two groups of monkeys manifest themselves in the form of different physical characteristics.

Number 3: The monkeys are actually yawning.
The stretching of a monkey is different from that of humans. This could mean that the monkey is tired or angry. If you see a monkey yawn, be careful; he is anything but sleepy.

Number 4: Howling monkeys are the loudest of all monkeys.
Some even claim that the monkey’s voices can be heard from ten miles away. This is also an effective anti-hunter function.

Number 5: some monkeys have frontal tails.
This means that they are able to catch their tails and hold them on objects as they can make their hands. This allows them to swing fluently from tree to tree and climb the branches of the surrounding trees.

Number 6: monkeys rule each other.
The grooming of monkeys can take the form of getting rid of lice, which is common in their furs, and also collecting some rebellious body hair. It is interesting to note that this is a form of compassion and the signing of mutual peace.

Number 7: Monkeys never get cold.
There is something about the physiological composition of monkeys that makes them immune to the influenza virus.

Number 8: I once condemned a monkey under the American constitution.
Once reported, a monkey was tried and punished for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana.

Issue 9: Monkeys can reproduce at any time of the year.
However, if we go back to the similarities with humans, monkeys do not have a “season” for reproduction. When and where of the year and can be produced or reproduced at any time.

Number 10: Monkeys communicate just as humans do.
Just like the way people communicate, monkeys use vocalizations, facial expressions, and body movements to communicate.

Number 11: You are not allowed to laugh or laugh at a monkey.
Smiling or pulling lips is a sign of aggression in monkeys. Together to move or shake his head with his shoulders.

Number 12: Spider monkeys are the favorite of the crowd.
Spider monkeys have appeared in more films than other monkey races.

Number 13: Monkeys are banana bark.
A monkey will never eat a banana as it is. He prefers to peel first and then throw the peel off.

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