Mother cats protecting their cute kittens

After birth, it is important that the mother cat binds to new babies before they are taken by her, as this helps them become familiar with other cats.

This period should last at least 7 weeks, preferably 8 weeks from the time of birth.

It is good for them to socialize with other cats until the first 47 weeks of their life, otherwise they may have problems interacting with other pets.

If you are choosing a child to care for, you should look for someone who looks confident and does not try to squat it when you get it.

The best kittens are those that have a curious structure instead of jumping into their shadows.

You can test this nature by giving them a series of keys.

If they run away, but still come back to investigate the noise, it’s likely to be a safe pet.

The best thing to do after the kitten’s care is to make the house safe for them.

You have to make sure you are away from all the cleaning products in your kitchen and you can’t access them.

Moreover, for obvious reasons, it is necessary to eliminate sharp knives and kitchen utensils.

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