My Funny Dog Walks in the Park and Meets Cute Animals

The fact that dogs are always good for a surprise was demonstrated by a small member of the species some time ago.

The dog I’m talking about belongs to a jeweler who carries a shop where a small dog is at the bar every day while the owner does what jewelers do.

One day, after leaving the room, the jeweler inspected several diamond rings he had left on the counter. When he came back, the precious rings were gone! No one from the bell could pass without the door.

When the diamonds went and the little dog lived in the shop, he concluded that his little jeweler friend was dealing with the destruction of valuables – but what?

The vet has finally answered his question by taking an X-ray of the dog and finding the diamond rings inside!

It is a blessing for dogs to return diamonds naturally!

The other day I thought you would like to see it on TV and have fun, but behind the humor there is a serious message that all dog owners should know:

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