Super Adorable Moment When Big Brothers and Big Sisters Meet Newborn Baby For The First Time

There’s nothing like a new baby at home! For older siblings it is not only exciting but also a process of adaptation. Children can facilitate this adaptation process by talking about how things will change BEFORE they change. Preparing the child to do things before the child arrives helps them cope after everyone arrives home. Here are some suggestions to help new brothers prepare for the changes that will occur as they arrive. . . When it comes to!

Changes abound!
The more you can prepare your child for life with a new baby, the better. Any change, especially the size of the addition of a new brother, can be disturbing. Keeping life at home as normal as possible while my mother is in the hospital will help facilitate the transition to the first few days at home. Try to respect meals, sleeping bags, sleep periods and normal rituals as much as possible (book before going to bed). Prepare a clear plan for the care of the brothers BEFORE the big day arrives. It is very inconvenient for children (and their keepers) “ala”. Talk to your little plans and reassure them:
– Where will they stay, with whom and for how long
“If they are going to visit the hospital (have they already been in a hospital room? Otherwise, some explanations may be needed here.)
– How routines will change (even temporarily)
– Nursery, school and school transport
– When and how the family will meet at home
– If someone comes every day to help the child

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