There are several reasons why a low-energy or natural lazy cat can be the perfect solution for your home. You may need to spend most of your time at home, because it’s not safe to go where you live. You can live in an apartment so there aren’t many houses left. Instead of being active and fun, you might want a calm and cute cat. Whatever the reason, the good news is that there are plenty of races to fit the bill perfectly.

As for appearances, the Persian beautiful long-haired coat is in its category with stunning color range and pleasing facial features. Despite the soft-looking balls, the Persians are firm and muscular under all this hair, so they can run, but they can choose not to. They are probably the most calm race in general and love and attract attention. They are good for other family members, including children and other animals. However, the main problem with them may be long hair that requires daily care, often baths and increases allergies for those suffering.

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