Turbo The House Rabbit Has An Important Message To Share

This is Turbo the Terrible!

Turbo was adopted from a local animal shelter. There are a lot of house rabbits in shelters and rescue facilities that need homes.

Turbo is a very spoiled Diva Bunny

The shelter told us that Turbo was not spayed. We planned to find a vet for the procedure. Spaying/neutering house rabbits is very important. Many people know about spaying/neutering dogs and cats. This is just as important for house rabbits for all the same reasons: the animals are happier and healthier and no unwanted litters are produced.

But, Turbo had a secret!

Nobody knew that Turbo was already pregnant when we brought her home. This is her nest of five babies that we found one morning shortly after her adoption!

After the shock wore off, we immediately contacted the shelter. They offered to take the babies when they were weaned. But because they didn’t neuter rabbits it wasn’t our favorite option. Now I’m not saying anything bad about the facility; the director even agreed to hand out a flyer we designed to educate adopters about rabbit health care.

Baby bunny!

Right after the babies were born, the work began. We did A LOT of research. The few rabbit-specific shelters in our state were full to capacity and couldn’t help us. We contacted dozens of facilities (veterinarians, spay/neuter clinics, other shelters) and learned a lot. Ultimately, we decided we would do whatever we needed in order to neuter all of our rabbits and end the cycle of unwanted litters. Vet services for rabbits can be costly: some vet offices gave me rates that were way beyond our financial ability. We had set aside funds for rabbit care but we had planned for one rabbit, not six!

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