Why Hollywood Doesn’t Cast Cameron Diaz Anymore

Cameron Diaz was one of the biggest names in Hollywood if you were thinking of going back to the early 2000s. It came out of many hit movies that jumped from the marriage of my best friend, romantic comedy; to the surreal fantasy, Being John Malkovich; sexy action franchise, Charlie’s Angels; family favorite, Shrek. With such an impressive catalog, you can think of Diaz as a big star. But it’s not actually a film since 2014 – and hasn’t been a critical success in a long time.

So what’s wrong with Diaz? As expected, there is no single answer to this question. On the contrary, Diaz’s death has a complex web of causes. Do you want to investigate what will happen if a successful career in Hollywood goes wrong? Keep reading

Born in San Diego in 1972, Cameron Diaz is an actress and Hollywood star.


In the past, Diaz could seemingly do no wrong.


It seemed like she could take on any role in any movie genre and manage to turn it into a massive success. Everything that she touched turned to box office gold.

Her breakthrough role was in The Mask.


Diaz played the bombshell romantic lead in the 1994 comedy classic and, from then on, it seemed like she was set for huge Hollywood stardom.

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